Natural gas transportation and distribution is the company's main activity. The company operates a group of primary and subsidiary lines to supply many vital facilities throughout the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

The company takes the necessary measures to maintain the grid's efficiency, thereby, ensuring its readiness to implement all possible operational maneuvers and increase the pipelines' lifespan.

In addition to securing individual and network assets from potential risks through scheduling and fully implementing preventive maintenance of network components such as lines, valve rooms, and control stations. It also carries out installations, maintenance, and operation of natural gas pressure reduction and metering stations.

The company deals with all parties whose work or facilities are linked to network lines, where the necessary coordination is made to supervise the work that takes place within or near network pipelines.

The lines and their paths are secured from any encroachment or external tampering to maintain the lines' operation with high efficiency by applying safety standards and requirements during the new lines' design and implementation stages.